Participant Compulsory Equipment


100 mile and 100 km 

Participants will be required to carry the following equipment at all times unless otherwise specified.

  • Detailed maps and detailed directions as issued by organisers and available on the race website. It is permissible to carry only the relevant Directions and Maps for each Section.
  • Waterproof map case
  • Mobile phone
  • Emergency space blanket
  • Compass
  • Whistle
  • Breathable , water proof rain jacket with taped seams
  • Broad compression bandage (for first aid treatment of snake or spider bite).
  • Water containers (2 litres minimum).
  • Torch/headlamp including spare batteries which must be carried from Henry Angel CP
  • Backup torch/headlamp including spare batteries which must be carried from The Pines CP
  • Reflective vest designed for night use which must be carried from Henry Angel CP and must be worn at night.
  • Thermal underwear (long sleeve & long leg) & beanie. Note: Skins not regarded as thermals.

50 km

Participants will be required to carry the above equipment at all time unless otherwise specified.

Torch/headlamp including spare batteries must be carried from  Mannus Campsite.


Participants will be required to carry the following: a mobile phone, compression bandage for First Aid treatment and snake bites, a whistle and         1000 mls water at all times.

Render all possible assistance to any person found injured or incapacitated. The sweepers will have Satellite phones.

Runners need to be careful of other users of the track.

Optional Additional Equipment

  • Energy food
  • Toilet paper
  • Hat
  • Sun block
  • Insect repellant
  • Gaiters or compression socks
  • Gloves



Although the course of the Hume & Hovell Ultra has some creeks en route the water should be considered unsafe for drinking. Runners must carry sufficient water to last them between checkpoints which can be up to 30 km or 6 hours travelling apart.

Race Communications

Mobile Phone Coverage:
The Telstra mobile phone network may provide the best coverage for the course, however coverage is non-existent between, 5 km south of Paddy’s River Dam and lower Buddong Creek. Reception in gully lines and low points is less reliable. Reception towers are located, near Tumbarumba, within Talbingo and on Snubba Ridge.


The Hume & Hovell Ultra is a demanding physical event. By entering, runners are acknowledging that they have trained appropriately for the Hume & Hovell Ultra.

AURA can provide Public Liability Insurance coverage for the events it sanctions, which includes the Hume & Hovell Ultra. This insurance does not provide any coverage for injury or illness to entrants or support crews.

All Entrants and Support Crews are encouraged to ensure they have medical insurance that covers them for injuries or illness sustained during the Hume & Hovell Ultra, particularly for Ambulance costs if medical evacuation if necessary.