Free camping is available at Henry Angel Track head. There are toilets and an outdoor sink for camp washing up however the water is not recommended for drinking.

The web site has an excellent accommodation listing for other forms of accommodation you can also look at Airbnb for quaint cottages.

tumba motel

Tumbarumba Motel

Albury Close

Tumbarumba   NSW   2653

Ph: 02 69482494

The Tumba Hoteltumba hotel

20 The Parade

Tumbarumba   NSW   2653

Ph: 02 6948 2562

club motelThe Club Motel

40 Winton Street

Tumbarumba  NSW  2653

Ph: 02 69482333

The Union Hotel   

The Parade

Tumbarumba  NSW  2653

Ph: 02 69482165

Tumbarumba Caravan Park

Lauder Street

Tumbarumba NSW 2652

Ph: 0437 722 697


Tumbarumba Visitor Information Centre – for more accommodation

10 Bridge Street    Tumbarumba  NSW  2653

Ph: 02 694833333


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