Race Numbers

All runners will be issued at the race check in with a chest number that must be worn for the duration of the race.
You must fill out the back of the chest number with all your medical details and phone numbers.

Unofficial Runners

No unofficial runners are permitted in the Hume & Hovell Ultra. Any identified unofficial runners will be prevented from entering.

Medical Checks

It would be advisable to have a medical check prior to running this event. It is advisable to have adequate ambulance cover as the track passes through very remote country where there is no vehicle access.

Course Elevation

The Hume & Hovell Ultra Track is remote and at times is over 1400 meters in height and likely to experience extreme weather conditions, risking hypothermia. Please ensure you have all the necessary clothing. All distances are conducted at various levels of elevation, however still isolated from services in some areas.


Runners can withdraw from the Hume & Hovell Ultra at any Checkpoint but may have to wait for the Checkpoint to close before obtaining transport off the course unless it is an emergency. It is imperative that withdrawing Runners notify the nearest Checkpoint IN PERSON of their withdrawal so that no unnecessary concern is caused or searches are conducted.