Support Crew Information

We strongly recommend that each runner have a support crew. Not only will a support crew provide a psychological lift to the Runner, but it helps the Runner get the food, drink and gear they need along the way.

The rules governing support crews and support vehicles are as follows.

  • A maximum of one Support Vehicle per runner (except at the Start and Finish).
  • Support Vehicles will have access to checkpoints  Henry Angel CP, Mannus Campsite CP and The Pines CP.
  • A representative of each support crew must register along with their runner at the start on race day. During the registration process the support crew must supply details of their vehicle and, preferably, a mobile phone number on which the support crew can be contacted. A list of contact and emergency telephone numbers will be available at race check in.
  • Support crews must follow the designated support vehicle routes between checkpoints as shown in the ‘checkpoint locations and access’ document.
  • A strict 60 kph speed limit exists on all forest roads in NSW.
  • Support crews should only attempt to access runners at prescribed checkpoints.
  • Competitors who are advantaged by gaining benefit from additional support will be immediately disqualified. Organisers have attempted to minimise vehicles on narrow and dangerous forestry roads.
  • Support crews must take care driving between checkpoints.
  • As day and night progress, crews should take care of themselves as well as take care of their runners. Adequate hydration, regular meals and appropriate clothing will keep crews happier and stronger, with much more energy to give to their runners! Crews should be equipped with lights.
  • Any abuse of event officials or volunteers by support crew members will result in the disqualification of their runner.
  • No mechanical or physical assistance may be given by the support crew to the runner at any time outside of  a checkpoint.
  • Please ensure you have adequate fuel to last through till the next day as there is no fuel available afterhours or carry extra fuel in jerry cans.

Checkpoint Protocol

  • Crews must never park in such a way as to block traffic, access to the course or checkpoint, or other parked cars. If this happens, the supported runner may be immediately disqualified.
  • Crews must adhere to instructions of all checkpoint officials, including requests to vacate certain areas of the checkpoint.
  • Support crews must stay out of the resupply area unless their runner is present.
  • Food, drink, medical supplies, etc., at the checkpoints are only provided for runners.
  •  Children are only allowed in checkpoints under strict supervision of an adult.
  • Take care at facilities at checkpoints. Littering of any kind at any checkpoint (including the Start and Finish) or along the course is strictly prohibited.
  • Pets are prohibited by law from National Parks and only permitted in NSW Forest on a leash.
  • No smoking will be allowed at any of the checkpoints (including the Start and Finish).
  • Crews must comply with all of the rules and regulations of the run and all instructions from race officials at all points along the course and its access routes, including parking regulations, or risk disqualification of their runner.

Support Crew Directions

Support Crew Checkpoint Directions

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